G5 GPS sensor

Polar G5 GPS Sensor
Polar G5 GPS SensorPolar G5 GPS Sensor

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Product Description

The extremely small G5 GPS sensor provides accurate speed and distance measurement for a range of outdoor sports. It is light and easy to wear in the armband pocket. After training you can see your route on a map with compatible software/web service.

  • Ultralight (34 g) and small (39x64x12 mm)
  • Measures speed/pace and distance
  • Records accurate GPS positioning data
  • Easy to wear in a soft and flexible armband (26 g)
  • Rechargeable (20 hour life) via micro USB

Polar G5 GPS sensor measures speed, distance and tracking data. When using G5 with the Polar RCX5 / RS800CX / CS600X speed, distance and tracking data is recorded. 

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