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The smartest cycling computer with GPS

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Product Description

The smartest cycling computer with GPS.

  • For devoted cyclists who want to analyse every aspect of their riding and boost their cycling performance
  • Tracks your ride with integrated GPS
  • Gives you the most accurate altitude data with the built-in barometric pressure sensor
  • Polar Flow web service: Enables planning and in-depth analysis of training
  • Compatible with the Polar Bluetooth Smart heart rate and cycling sensors

Download the User Manual for further product information

Training features

  • Audio Alerts: During training, you are notified with a sound, for example when you need to slow down or to speed up to make sure your training goes as planned
  • Manual and automatic laps
  • Zone Pointer: Zone Pointer is a visible and moving symbol on the training computer display indicating whether you are inside the pre-set or desired target zone. This feature helps you to reach the desired intensity/pace/speed/cadence targets
  • User Configurable Displays: This feature allows you to configure training computer displays to show the information that you need during your training session. You can do it either in your training computer, ProTrainer 5 software or at the Polar Flow web service
  • Zone Lock: ZoneLock feature helps you to accumulate certain intensity. You can either lock a zone before a training session or during it by pressing a button when you are on the desired zone
  • Training Diary: Stores up to 30 h of training time (may vary depending on your language settings). You can see your training history from the past four weeks and what you have planned for four weeks ahead
  • Training files (with summaries) – 14
  • Gives you the most accurate altitude data with the built-in barometric pressure sensor
  • Back To Start: Directs you to your starting point in the shortest distance possible, as well as shows the distance to your starting point. Now you can check out more adventurous routes and explore them safely, knowing that you’re only a touch of a button away from seeing the direction to where you started
  • Auto Start/Stop: When you turn on this feature, your training computer starts and stops training recording automatically when you start or stop moving
  • Distance: training, lap, trip and total
  • Speed/Pace: current, average and maximum

Cycling features – With Bluetooth Smart Cycling Cadence-Only Sensor

  • Cadence: current, average and maximum

Cycling features – With Bluetooth Smart Cycling Speed-Only Sensor

  • Autostart/Stop
  • Bike setings – for three bicycles
  • Distance – training, lap, trip and total
  • Speed – current, average and maximum
  • Speed-based target zones with visual and audible alarm
  • Race Pace: Race Pace allows you to set a target speed/pace for a certain distance. It then helps pacing the run or ride by showing the current speed/pace and by telling in time, how much you are behind or ahead of the set target
  • Incline Measurement: Incline measurement tells you the uphill or downhill inclination in numerical form, helping you to adjust cycling effort accordingly. The feature shows you the uphill/downhill steepness in percentages and grades
  • Bluetooth Smart Cycling Power Meter Sensor coming later

Data transfer

  • Compatible with PC Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, and later
  • Compatible with Polar Flow mobile app via Bluetooth Smart
  • Compatible with Mac OS X 10.6, OS X 10.7, OS X 10.8, and later
  • Data Export: Exporting data so that you can send your training files to third party apps and services

Polar Flow web service

  • Advanced training analysing: You can easily analyse every detail of your training and get a deeper insight into your activities with plenty of possibilities to learn from what you do
  • Map View: When you use GPS, you get a map view of your training route. On the map you can examine your training data in further detail
  • Relive: A video feature with which you can see the highlights of your training and routes
  • Training Diary: Diary is available at the Polar web service. When you transfer your training results from your training computer to the Diary, you can easily follow up your activity well as plan future training sessions. You can choose to see your training history in a month or week view, along with a monthly or weekly summary

Watch features

  • Backlight
  • Safety Light: Enhances your cycling safety. The intelligent LED light is turned on automatically in low-light conditions
  • Time of day (12/24h)
  • Button Lock: By activating button lock, training computer buttons are locked, and accidental presses do not cause problems, for instance, during training
  • Date and weekday indicator
  • Touch display
  • Rechargeable battery

  • Polar V650 cycling computer
  • Polar H6 heart rate sensor (M-XXL) – for model with HR
  • USB cable
  • Adjustable bike mount
  • Polar V650 Getting Started Guide